Two situations in which a chiropractor might suggest that you see a naturopath


Here are two situations in which your chiropractor might suggest that you visit a naturopath.

They suspect your joint inflammation is causing your back pain and you don't want to take strong prescription medication

If your chiropractor tells you that they suspect some of the joints in your back are inflamed (because, for example, they can see that some of the vertebrae are tender and swollen) and that this could be causing your back pain, they might suggest that you visit a naturopath.

Whilst your chiropractor might be able to treat your back to ease the discomfort that the inflammation is causing, the effects of the treatment will probably be short-lived if you don't deal with the inflammation itself, which is the root cause of your back issue. If you'd prefer not to get a prescription for medication from your GP, then a naturopath could be the right professional to see, as naturopaths can provide many natural treatments that can help to reduce inflammation.

Depending on what the naturopath suspects could be causing your inflammation (such as issues with your diet or excess stress in your life), they might provide some herbal remedies that could balance your stress hormones, advise you on some dietary changes you should make or offer suggestions on how to maintain your emotional wellbeing in the face of stressors in your life that you cannot currently eliminate. If you follow their advice and your inflammation levels drop, you could then experience an improvement in your back issues.

You've told them that you're looking for another treatment that could complement your chiropractic treatments

If you've told the chiropractor that you'd like to try out another treatment that could complement your chiropractic treatments, then they might advise you to see a naturopath, as many of the treatments that naturopaths provide can be used for this purpose. For example, some naturopaths offer acupuncture, which can be used for many kinds of ailments, including those that cause back pain. Naturopaths who provide acupuncture treatments insert acupuncture needles into the patient's skin with the aim of, for example, stimulating the release of pain-reducing endorphins.

If for instance, you experience some short-term achiness after your chiropractic sessions (which whilst harmless, is quite common, due to the vigorous way in which chiropractors sometimes need to perform adjustments to improve a person's long-term spinal health), then following up each of these sessions with a visit to a naturopath for an acupuncture session could alleviate this achiness faster.


13 June 2022

Helping my kids' backs

My kids get really sore backs from all the time they spend sitting down at school at their desk. It's really hard on growing bodies to always be confined like that. I take them to the chiropractor to get regular adjustments, and it really helps relieve their sore their as well as helping them to sleep better at night. I love that they have so much more energy and vitality after their treatments. Our chiropractor is a total genius! This blog is all about how great chiropractic treatment can be for kids and teenagers. It should be really useful for parents and caretakers who want to help their kids.