3 Ways To Treat Neck Pain Without Drugs


GPs typically offer painkillers and anti-inflammatory medication to treat the symptoms associated with neck pain such as stiffness, but medication tends to just mask the symptoms and comes with a range of unpleasant side effects. There are a number of alternative treatments that can release trapped nerves in your neck, loosen muscles, reduce inflammation, and improve circulation to the area. If you'd like to treat your neck pain without drugs, consider these three alternative treatments:

14 August 2015

Understanding Chiropractic Treatment for Neck Pain


Neck pain is a common complaint that can affect the range of movement in your head and your concentration levels, but GPs can usually only suggest you take painkillers and press on with your busy life. Painkillers simply mask the pain and don't treat the cause of your neck pain, so what's the alternative? Chiropractic treatment takes a natural approach to healing and has been shown to be effective at treating neck pain.

12 May 2015