Lesser-Known Benefits of Post-Birth Pediatric Chiropractic Adjustments


Many new moms worry that their babies' systems are too delicate to handle chiropractic massages. It is an understandable feeling because many new moms do not know much about pediatric chiropractic adjustments. Notably, chiropractic adjustments and massage during the first few weeks after birth give a newborn significant benefits. While you may know about some of the benefits, others could be new to you. This article highlights the lesser-known benefits of pediatric chiropractic massage. 

Post-Birth Recovery 

The birth process can take a toll on a toddler, whether it is a C-section or natural delivery. It is evident from the amount of effort a mother puts into pushing a baby out. Although a doctor ensures that a baby comes out fine, the process still puts some pressure on the spine. Moreover, the pushing is bound to put undue pressure on an infant's nerves and joints. The stress on a baby's system, coupled with the new environment, can be pretty uncomfortable for a baby. Chiropractic massage immediately after birth helps an infant with post-birth recovery. Thus, a chiropractor can examine a baby's spine and joints to ensure that everything is in its proper place. Infants who receive chiropractic adjustment immediately after birth sleep better. 

Reduce Unexplained Fussiness 

Infants are generally fussy, and new mothers do everything to make their bundles of joy as comfortable as possible. However, while doctors understand what causes fussiness in children most of the time, other cases are not straightforward. Sometimes doctors struggle to pinpoint the underlying issues causing your child to be irritable, especially after ruling out sickness. In such instances, pediatric chiropractors recommend massaging a baby's entire body to release accumulated pressures and stresses in the kid's system. For example, nervous irritability and muscle spasms are significant causes of fussiness, but they often go undetected in infants. Thus, a few sessions of infant chiropractic massage can help reduce and sometimes eliminate unexplained fussiness. 

Prevent Ear Infections 

Minor injuries to an infant's nerves during birth are not unique, affecting proper fluid drainage in the Eustachian tube. It leads to pressure build-up in the ear, leading to infections and possible deafness if doctors do not act promptly. Post-birth chiropractic care helps adjust affected nerves, allowing the Eustachian tube to drain correctly. Notably, one chiropractic session is not enough to restore Eustachian tube function; thus, your baby needs several sessions. Constant nerve manipulation helps keep the tube clear, preventing potential future ear infections. However, successful chiropractic care to avoid ear infections should go hand in hand with medication. 


2 June 2021

Helping my kids' backs

My kids get really sore backs from all the time they spend sitting down at school at their desk. It's really hard on growing bodies to always be confined like that. I take them to the chiropractor to get regular adjustments, and it really helps relieve their sore their as well as helping them to sleep better at night. I love that they have so much more energy and vitality after their treatments. Our chiropractor is a total genius! This blog is all about how great chiropractic treatment can be for kids and teenagers. It should be really useful for parents and caretakers who want to help their kids.