What You Should Know About Chiropractic Care for Children


A trip to the chiropractor's office can have several benefits for your child's development. From improving immunity, to better behaviour, brain development and improved sleep, there is so much good that can come from paediatric chiropractic care.

Unfortunately, so many children are missing out on these benefits because of some misinformation and myths around paediatric chiropractic care. To put your worrying mind at ease, here is what you should know about taking your child to the chiropractor.

Tested and Tried

If it is new, then it is probably experimental and untested. As a parent, coming to such a conclusion is only natural and expected, since your child's wellbeing and safety will always come first.

The truth is that paediatric chiropractic care has been around a while. For the longest time, children as young as newborns have benefited from the care of a chiropractor. Rest assured that other kids have done it, and it has worked well for them, as it will for your child.

It's Never Too Early

As already pointed out, even newborns can benefit from the services of a chiropractor. Paediatric chiropractors deal with cases with kids who have developed postural habits and patterns that may lead to muscle and joint alignment issues in the future. Favouring or turning their head to a particular side over the other, is one such postural habit.

It's always for the best to address these issues early. Postural patterns can become increasingly difficult to change as your child gets older. Because your child's spine is still developing, the chiropractor finds it easier to work on it and find a lasting solution.

Plenty of Child-Friendly Techniques

The chiropractor will not adjust your child the same way they would you or an older child. The adjustment will not be nearly as forceful, as the chiropractor knows to employ just the right amount of pressure. You need not worry about the pressure being so much that it would hurt your child.

A chiropractor who specialises in paediatric care goes through training on child-friendly techniques. These techniques are the safest and most effective choice for kids' fragile frames. You should enquire about this when looking around for a chiropractor.

A visit to the chiropractor will do your child a lot of good, and not just physically. Your child is never too young for the visit, and you can rest assured that they will be in the right hands with a qualified paediatric chiropractor. Contact a local chiropractic clinic to learn more.


17 November 2020

Helping my kids' backs

My kids get really sore backs from all the time they spend sitting down at school at their desk. It's really hard on growing bodies to always be confined like that. I take them to the chiropractor to get regular adjustments, and it really helps relieve their sore their as well as helping them to sleep better at night. I love that they have so much more energy and vitality after their treatments. Our chiropractor is a total genius! This blog is all about how great chiropractic treatment can be for kids and teenagers. It should be really useful for parents and caretakers who want to help their kids.