Understanding Sports Chiropractors


As an athlete, it is important to have an idea of how a sports chiropractor can be of assistance to you. He or she is a specialist who has completed advanced courses about how various exercises, sports and movements affect muscles, tissue, joints and bones. Here's what you need to know about sports injuries and sports chiropractic care:

Sports Injury and Quick Fixes

As an athlete, you know that an injury can ruin your career. Sometimes, you may want to get back to your sport quickly and choose an unlicensed doctor who promises fast results. Try as much as possible to avoid such options, even if your career is on the line. Some of the treatments applied might be temporary fixes that may lead to worsening of the already injured area. What they do is relieve your pain and help you get through your sport. Just because you aren't feeling any pain, it does not mean that you are healed. Exerting pressure and straining the injury further leads to severe damage to joints, ligaments, tissue and muscles.

Sports Injury and Proper Treatment

A professional, qualified and licensed sports chiropractor explains your injury to you in a way that you understand. He or she then explains the healing process; you might require surgery, a cast, oral or ointment medication, rest, massage, therapy, etc. The sports chiropractor may also inform you how much time you need to heal. There are no promises of quick fixes, but you are guaranteed a completely healed injury that won't cause you problems in the future.

You should know that some injuries might be permanent, meaning that you cannot play anymore. If you experience such an injury, a sports chiropractor offers the best treatment to get most of your movements back and also helps you through the process of coming to terms with the fact you might not play anymore.

Sports Injury Prevention

You have heard many times that prevention is better than cure. There is no better person to help you avoid sports injury than a sports chiropractor. Prevention of sports injuries is achieved through various activities. For example, your sports chiropractor may:

  • Inform you of things to avoid doing
  • Illustrate to you how to safely handle an impact or control your body during an impact or fall
  • Require you to carry out different warm-up exercises
  • Carry out tests to understand your body better, which may include blood tests, x-rays, MRIs, heart rate, respiratory tests, joint tests, etc. 
  • Suggest a particular change in diet, etc.


14 July 2020

Helping my kids' backs

My kids get really sore backs from all the time they spend sitting down at school at their desk. It's really hard on growing bodies to always be confined like that. I take them to the chiropractor to get regular adjustments, and it really helps relieve their sore their as well as helping them to sleep better at night. I love that they have so much more energy and vitality after their treatments. Our chiropractor is a total genius! This blog is all about how great chiropractic treatment can be for kids and teenagers. It should be really useful for parents and caretakers who want to help their kids.