Could a Remedial Massage Help You Prepare for the Next Big Game?


Australia is a sporting mad nation and will often participate at the highest level in a number of world sports. Rugby is one such example, and it's no surprise that so many amateurs choose to take up the sport themselves to get a slice of the action. Certainly, this is an exciting pastime and is great to watch, but it is also very "rough-and-tumble" and can take a toll on the human body. If you've been taking part in some competition recently and fully understand this risk, why should you think about scheduling a visit to a chiropractor for some valuable help?

Understanding the Work

As you may know, a chiropractor will typically perform a series of adjustments and techniques to help with alignment, joint dysfunction and nerve issues. They may be able to recommend a course of treatments to help people who are suffering with limited mobility or pain, and you may need some work in this area as it is.  

Massage and Adjustment

It can often be difficult for the chiropractor to make these types of adjustments if the individual has some very stiff or constricted muscles as well. This type of condition would be expected following a lot of effort on the rugby pitch, and in this case the chiropractor can first perform a remedial massage before moving on to any adjustments.

Treatment like this may involve one or more visits depending on the extent of the problem, but once they have relieved the muscle tension and restored normal order they will be able to handle any manipulation or adjustments a lot more easily.

Preventative and Proactive

Many people who experience this type of treatment for the first time understand how important it is to be proactive and preventative in the future. They may fully intend to continue scoring tries and taking part in those scrums, so in this case they may want to schedule some visits to the chiropractor for maintenance treatment. They will be able to have a remedial massage and any small adjustments at such a meeting, so they will be fully fit and ready to go when the next whistle blows.

Making the Appointment

Talk with your chiropractor and discover the benefits of a combined remedial massage and adjustment technique. You will be sure to see the difference, and this may help you to score some additional points for your team as the season continues to unfold.


17 October 2019

Helping my kids' backs

My kids get really sore backs from all the time they spend sitting down at school at their desk. It's really hard on growing bodies to always be confined like that. I take them to the chiropractor to get regular adjustments, and it really helps relieve their sore their as well as helping them to sleep better at night. I love that they have so much more energy and vitality after their treatments. Our chiropractor is a total genius! This blog is all about how great chiropractic treatment can be for kids and teenagers. It should be really useful for parents and caretakers who want to help their kids.