Sprained Ankle Massage: Tips To Help You Get The Most When Massaging Your Sprained Ankle


A sprained ankle can at times take longer to heal than you would expect. However, you can make the healing process less painful and quicker if you massage your sprained ankle appropriately. The tips below can help you know when and how to massage your sprained ankle to quicken the healing process and lessen the discomfort.

Get Your Ankle Checked

Getting your injured ankle checked first before massaging it is vital because you can do more harm than good if you massage your ankle for the wrong reasons. For example, if your ankle is has a fracture, massaging it can worsen the injury instead of treating it.

So visit your doctor and get to know whether your ankle is sprained. Also, it's advisable to wait for a minimum of 48 hours after your ankle is sprained before you can start massaging it. However, inquire from the doctor on the exact time you should take before massaging your ankle because the time of rest can vary depending on the extent of your injury.

Use the Correct Massage Technique

When massaging your sprained ankle, make sure that you're using the right strokes and pressure, so as to get the most from the message. Remember that you should use pressure that is bearable and does not cause severe pain on your ankle, advises CCMH.

Massage your ankle ligament using direct and deep pressure with one finger. You can start at a point slightly distant from the sprained area and work your way towards the sprain. Also, for best results, you should move your finger across the ligament as you do your massage and not along the ligament.  

Identify Ankle Pressure Points

Focusing on your ankle's pressure points when massaging your sprained ankle is highly effective in relieving the pain. You may want to visit a professional massage therapist who may guide you on how to identify the ankle pressure points.

For example, the hollow acupressure point is especially effective in relieving ankle sprains, advises Modern Reflexology. You will find the hollow pressure point on the inner part of your ankle bone in the hollow area alongside the ankle bone. As you do your ankle massage, press the hollow pressure point for 30 seconds and release it for another 30 seconds. Repeat this process for about eight minutes and increase the pressure every time you press, but not to an extent of creating unbearable pain.

Massaging a sprained ankle helps lessen the pain and quicken the healing process. The tips above can help you learn ways to get the most when massaging a sprained ankle.


16 September 2016

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